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Hi, Clubbers!

Here are some useful links of rooms and equipment I mentioned on Clubhouse.

Find Me & My Clubs

Penang Hokkien Podcast

A club for all Penang Hokkien Podcast listeners and those who can understand and/or speak Penang Hokkien. Hangout, learn from each other, and make some friends while you’re at it.

Global 福建 Speakers

Welcome all Hokkien speakers around the world to socialize & improve communication among Hokkien-speakers regardless of your Hokkien variants. Embrace your own but learn from all. 


Come learn and share on how to ⬆️ UP your 🎛 audio 🎙 game on Clubhouse 👋, your podcasts, Zoom calls & more with or without any money 💰.
We invite you to come test out your new gears, we’ll let you know if it sounds good!

RØDECaster Pro

RØDECaster Pro Club is a user group for existing and future RØDECaster Pros users. It’s also for those who are simply interested in this piece of audio equipment!

My Room

🏳️‍🌈 Global Queer Asians Room (TBD)


Amazon products are my affiliate links. When you use them, I will get a tiny cut.

My Audio Equipment on Clubhouse

Equipment Mentioned on Clubhouse

Adapters, Cables, & Splitters

Great for getting Line/Monitor out signals from Mixer & Audio Interface into your phone.

Mics & Mixers





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