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Penang Hokkien Podcast

A House for all Penang Hokkien Podcast listeners and those who can understand and/or speak Penang Hokkien. Hangout, learn from each other, and make some friends while you’re at it.

Global 福建 Speakers

Welcome all Hokkien speakers around the world to socialize & improve communication among Hokkien-speakers regardless of your Hokkien variants. Embrace your own but learn from all. 


Come learn and share on how to ⬆️ UP your 🎛 audio 🎙 game on Clubhouse 👋, your podcasts, Zoom calls & more with or without any money 💰.
We invite you to come test out your new gears, we’ll let you know if it sounds good!


RØDECaster House is a user group for existing and future RØDECaster product series users. It’s also for those who are simply interested in this piece of audio equipment!

Planet Sheila Majid 🪐

Anything & everything about Sheila Majid’s songs, albums and career. We meet every weekend to enjoy her music and celebrate her career, collectively as fans. It’s FUN!

my rooms

Global Hokkien Room.全世界講福建話
Every Friday 10PM (Malaysian Time)

Everything Sheila Majid 🎶
Every Saturday or Sunday 10PM (Malaysian Time)

RØDECaster Pro User Meetup
Every Tuesday 8PM US Central

Soundcheck Time
Every Tuesday 9:30PM US Central

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Amazon products are my affiliate links. When you use them, I will get a tiny cut.

RØDECaster Pro Cable & Adapter Bundles


RØDECaster Pro II – Flexible Bundle

● Connection with charging power (iOS devices only)
● Compatible with iPhone/iPad (Lightning), iPad (USB Type-C), & Android (USB Type-C)
● Send stereo audio to Clubhouse (iPhone & iPad only)


RØDECaster Pro II – Apple Lightning Bundle with Power

● Connection with charging power
● Compatible with iPhone/iPad (Lightning)
● Send stereo audio to Clubhouse


RØDECaster Pro II – Apple Lightning Bundle NO Power

● NO charging power
● Compatible with iPhone/iPad (Lightning)
● Send stereo audio to Clubhouse

Other stores:

B&H          ● Adorama


RØDECaster Pro II – USB Type-C Bundle

Charging with PD USB-C hub
● Compatible with Ethernet network cable.
● Compatible with iPad, iPhone 15 and newer & Android devices (USB Type-C)
● Send stereo audio to Clubhouse (iPad & iPhone 15 or newer)

My Personal Setup

Studio Setup

Microphones & Mixers

Additional Equipment

Portable Setup

Stereo Equipment for Clubhouse

Equipment recommendations for Stereo sound in Clubhouse

Equipment Mentioned on Clubhouse

Adapters, Cables, & Splitters

Adapter for Stereo Input

Powerbanks recommended by other RØDECaster Pro users, to be used with RØDE DC-USB1

Mics & Mixers

Ground Loop Isolators

Mic Activator / Gain Amplifier

Great Resources on your Clubhouse Audio Setups

Here are some great articles with detailed instructions and great resources to set up your Clubhouse audio.

RØDECaster Pro Multichannel Tables

Get more information on RØDE’s website including images of each audio source on the RCPII.

RØDECaster Pro II (2022)

1 Stereo Mix Left
2 Stereo Mix Right
3 XLR/TRS 1 
7 Bluetooth Left
8 Bluetooth Right
9 SMART Pads Left
10 SMART Pads Right
11 USB Main Left
12 USB Main Right
13 USB Chat Left
14 USB Chat Right

USB Secondary Left


USB Secondary Right

RØDECaster Pro (Original: 2018-2022)

1 Stereo Mix Left
2 Stereo Mix Right
3 Mic 1 
4 Mic 2
5 Mic 3
6 Mic 4
7 USB Left
8 USB Right
9 TRRS Left
10 TRRS Right
11 Bluetooth Left
12 Bluetooth Right
13 Sound Pad Left
14 Sound Pad Right